28 Miles & Hubble

I ran an easy 4 miles this morning.  Funny how that has become an “easy” run, less than three months ago I was so proud to have completed 4 whole miles.  This week was 28 miles total.  I’m finding my stride but still battling with afternoon fatigue. On Wedenesday I ran 6 miles and by 4pm I had to lay down.  A quick 15 minute nap and I was able to finish the day but I couldn’t believe how tired I was.  I’ve started to drink Hammer’s Recoverite drink mix after the longer runs – those being further than 4 miles – and the difference has been remakable for my muscles but not the fatigue.  I recently read and article in Runner’s World entitled, GOOD BUZZ.  They say with limited amounts of caffeine you can actually improve your recovery time:

Recover More Quickly
Runners know they need carbs postrun to rebuild their glycogen stores, but a recent study suggests caffeine may also enhance recovery. Cyclists rode hard for two consecutive days to drain their glycogen stores. They then drank a carb beverage with or without caffeine. Researchers found that having a drink with caffeine rebuilds glycogen stores 66 percent more than a carb-only drink.

So, I’m going to try drinking a cup of coffee in the afternoons, perhaps it’ll help.  The article goes on to say that as long as you don’t go over 550 miligrams and continue to hydrate properly it should help.  I’m game!

My 30 mile week starts tomorrow with a 9 mile run – I gotta get to bed, but before I go, I wanted to share the release of the Hubble Space Telescope from the Space Shuttle Atlantis.  Talk about motivation to keep running!  If humans can create such wonderful technology to help us answer eternal questions then I can keep going around the block!  These astronauts and their support teams are awe-inspiring!!

Atlantis Astronauts Repair the Hubble Space Telescope
Atlantis Astronauts Repair the Hubble Space Telescope

Watch the Release here: Atlantis Releases Hubble


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