28 Mile week starts with 8 miles in Studio City

Now the long mileage really starts in earnest, this morning was another 8 mile run.  The last one was completed in San Francicso prior to a Tech Scout for the Comcast project.  Today was a jaunt through some of my old neighborhoods in Studio City.  I think with only 167 days until the marathon I’m starting to feel the pressure to perform.  I’ve decided the goal for the first Marathon is to finish in less than 5 hours.  That’s running at roughly a 10 minute mile pace.  Like I said, it’s a goal and if I keep doing my “homework” I should achieve it.

443101896_84c962fb86_oFrom this point forward the mileage on Sunday’s really starts to increase – 9 miles next week and 10 two weeks after that.

Today, I’m fighting a pretty bad post run headache – probably due to dehydration.  It’ll be fine but I thought I was drinking more than enough water, I’ve read that you kind of figure this stuff out as you go.  Other than the headache my body seems to have dealt with the mileage just fine.

I’ll try to shoot some video this week.  We have ANOTHER SQUIRREL attacking the house – what fun!


tom lowe photo, llc

tacoma, wa 98406



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