22 Miles!

Today was the end of a great week.  I went to the podiatrist and got some advice that put me in touch with Phidippides Running Store (a name in running for over 2400 years).  From there I got a new pair of Asics and a pair of SuperFeet Premium Insoles

The Insoles and new shoes have changed my running life!  The pain in my calves is really just a dull ache and my knees have stopped popping a cracking.  I can get off chair without moaning… This morning I was feeling so good that I took Brody and Elaine with me for the final three mile run on my 22 mile week.  They of course loved being out on the road again – me, not so much.  Brody hasn’t changed, he’s still yanking, pulling and seeing dead people.  I thought maybe the fetch training in the backyard would have some effect on his brain but I was wrong.  Still though, we finished the three miles in good time and other than my upper body workout, “Brody, stop that!” I felt pretty good.

Looking forward to a 24 mile week next week.  I start that on Sunday with a 7 mile jaunt.


tom lowe photo, llc

tacoma, wa 98406



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