10 Miles in the Neighborhood

It’s Father’s Day and what a way to start it than with a 10 mile run through the neighborhood.  I was still pretty jet-lagged from the my trip to Italy and woke up a few times in the night so when the alarm went off at 5:30a it wasn’t a surprise that I was already awake.  My worries about my calves and Achilles Tendon being “on-fire” from running barefoot were put to rest when I found that they were just a little stiff.  So I stretched and out the door I went.

About mile 8 the jet-lag caught up to me and I had no-gas in the tank.  I was completely exhausted, no amount of Heed Energy drink or water seemed to make a difference.  I plodded the last two miles to the house barely keeping a 12 minute pace.  Boy, haven’t experienced this before.  Showered and hit the sack.  Woke about 3 hours later to the kids bringing me a plate of eggs and toast in bed.


tom lowe photo, llc

tacoma, wa 98406



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